Athletes must fill out the participation waiver, have a physical on file, and complete the COVID waiver.  All of this is available at InTouch Receipt Program.

Additional help: Online Registration Instructions.


If there are any online registration questions, please contact the Athletic office at  

 (One tip: when uploading the physical, you can take a picture of it, but it needs to be in one file.  Putting it in a Microsoft Word works.) Thanks.

Workout Resources

We hope you are finding ways to stay in shape and exercise.  Below are some potential resources.  We aren't recommending any or vouching for any of these in particular, but just offering some options if you need some.  If you have a great resource you have been using, let us know and we can add it to the list.

Basketball Skills

Home Court AI App

(Only available on iPhone or IPad.  Currently free through April.)

South Carolina Point Guard Workout

Gregg Marshall Point Guard Workout

Wojo: Creating a Championship Guard

(Illustration of the Box Drill)

College Ball Handling Session

Ball Handling Warmup

2-Ball Stationary

2-Ball Full Workout

At Home Ball Handling Workout #1

(By Any Means Necessary YouTube)

At Home Ball Handling Workout #2

(By Any Means Necessary YouTube)

@jlawbball At Home Workout

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